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QUIMUSIC has been created by JOAQUIM SERRA I PICA, his compositions and with the support of his family. The name comes from my name, Quim, united with "music".

I was born on 1.956 in Girona and my first contact with music was on year 1.968 with my argentine guitart teacher Mr. Hernan E. Gotti. In 1.969 I was lucky to be accepted as a student by Mr. GRACIANO TARRAGÓ, qualified teacher from Conservatori Superior de Música del Licea, a very well-known concertist and the author of many didactic material. Simultaneously, I was receiving musical training, solfege, harmony, composition, orchestration and counterpoint from Mr. FRANCESC CIVIL CASTELLVÍ, many years Conservatory de Girona director and eminent compositor and musicologist. I kept contact with both of them till their death. Till I was 35 year old, I was having concerts activity, always whithin Girona's area., with solo performances or with Orquestra de Cambra de Girona.

I have been always been musically active, altough I have exercised another career as principal occupation with the corresponding consequences.


To share the classic guitart compositions that I have created so far. I would love to receive your comments about these and the whole content of Quimusic webpage.


Free accés to my music and some versions that I have created for known compositions.

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